a_social media – Lecture and Discussion

Accompanying the exhibition a_social media from 2018 (in English)

hosted by Klasse für Ideen

How do we position ourselves as spectators or recipients?, How do we personally react to the possibilities and constraints of social media platforms?, How do you present yourself?, What is identity and what is authenticity?

Is there a purpose and/or goal to our activities? What happens to us when faced with these and other related questions? How do we interact, react and act within the predominant media landscape?

These and other questions will be addressed in the artistic works by designers and artists from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and in presentations by international experts.

The entire project is part of the wider field of Critical Design. The involved designers and artists are keen to present critical and speculative approaches that might force visitors to question common behavioral patterns.

Veronika Beringer, Elizaveta Borovskaya-Brodskaya, Miriam Contino, Monika Dabrowska, Davide Gallo, Stefanie Gugg, Julia Hofmann, Petra Holländer, Felix Ladinser, Felix Malmborg, Jakob Mayr, Bastian Moosburger, Anna Nagy, Michael Niedermair, Johanna Philipp, Michael Plessl, Julia Preßlauer, Ekaterina Protchenko, Balázs Pusztai, Tobias Raschbacher, Verena Repar, Hannah Sakai, Martha Schultz, Tessa Sima, Raffael Strasser, Kilian Wittmann, Stefanie Wurnitsch

Discussion and Lectures by: Lena Doppel, Christian Stiegler, Theodora Sutton
Moderation: Max Roehrle

Presentations and debate: Lena Doppel, Christian Stiegler, Theodora Sutton Moderated by: Max Roehrle