Area 7 lab – Metagames zu Kunst und Computationaler Neurowissenschaft

Talk in German from 2018

Neuroscientist Stefan Glasauer and game theorist and artist Margarete Jahrmann

Art projects concerned with natural science, often labelled art-science, bio art, etc., mostly rely on empirical knowledge. While one cannot deny its importance, its reputation still undermines the significant role theory plays not only in contemporary physics but also in cognitive science and bio science since the emergence of psychophysics. The change in scientific methodology regarding empirical knowledge, that simple observation does not account for the complexity of all objects of study, has stoked further interest in theory and concept-based work, such as in contemporary artworks that use game mechanics to explore basic concepts of materiality and mediality.

Neuroscientist Stefan Glasauer (Berstein Center LMU Munich/ Computaational Neuoscience BTU Cottbus) and game theorist and artist Margarete Jahrmann (Game Design Zurich University of the Arts) develop installations, performances and playful presentations to point out connections between technology, neuroscientific metaphors and their social implications.

Using examples and artworks, they will talk about artificial neuronal networks, deep dreaming, cognitive mechanisms and artistic ludic methods.