Circular Society

Panel from the Conference Planet Matters – Vienna Biennale for Change 2021

With Mae-ling Lokko, part of our current exhibition, Angewandte-alumni Alexandra Fruhstorfer and others


  • Mae-Ling Lokko, architectural technologist (GH/USA)

  • Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Designer, artist and Researcher

  • Harald Gründl, designer, EOOS/EOOS NEXT

  • Thomas Romm, architect, consultant and strategic developer, BauKarussell

  • Moderated by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Head of VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE

Mae-ling Lokko
is part of the current AIL-exhibition Ecologies and Politics of the Living with a wall made of coconut fiber modules – on view until 3 Oct 2021.

Alexandra Fruhstorfer
is an alumni of the Angewandte and part of the exhibition May I introduce: Alien! which was hosted by AIL as an online exhibition in 2020 and is now on view in a material form at Fabrikraum Vienna from 10–19 Sep 2021.