David Morley: Home Territories – Virtual and Material Geographies

Talk in English from 2018

The relationship between virtual and material spheres

To be home, home and homeland have always been contentious terms. Especially in times of increased mobility – physical, virtual, voluntary or forced – one starts to question their definition, while the phenomenon of ‘delocalization’ becomes more and more relevant.

David Morley, who works at the intersection of media studies, mobility studies and cultural geography, will talk about the relationship between virtual and material spheres and argue the case for a position that combines spatial practices and different forms of communication and transport.

This event is part of the lecture series (be)coming home, and takes place in cooperation with the University of Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the research platform Mobile Cultures and Societies.

David Morley is Professor of Communications at the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College, University of London.