Alumni in Residence: HALL presents soft fizz

Launched in 2020 as part of AIL.alternate during Lockdown 01

Video work by Benjamin Tomasi and Samuel Schaab aka HALL

HALL transfers the concept of their site-specific sound performance for the AIL to a video work. Step by step, the corners of an imaginary space are explored. Sound triggers images and actions generate sounds. Instruments, objects, light & fluids interrogate each other in the seminary-like concatenation of this probing.

HALL combines visual and tonal strategies, deconstructs them and creates minimal performative sound settings from these fragments. Each performance is a new composition for the space in which it takes place. Synthesizers, rhythm machines, flame drones, flashes of light and fragments of speech, objects, smoke and silence combine to create a semi-narrative event.

Supported by ARTist – graduate assocation of the University of Applied Arts Vienna