Let’s meet Kochmittwoch!

Wednesday lunch to connect, discuss current projects or answer all your questions!

Insight into weekly jour fix 2015–2020 (currently on hold)

People sitting around a table eating | Image by ©
Table with food | Image by ©
People sitting  | Image by ©
People sitting around talbe, having lunch | Image by ©
People having lunch | Image by ©

From 2015 till 2020 we offered a weekly lunch hour on Wednesdays to connect, discuss or just answer questions according AIL and the possibilities to participate. Here is a wild collection from snapshots out of these o so various lunch hours. The AIL Team not only challenged it’s cooking skills, it was also always one lucky bag of guests, combinations and interactions.

Due to obvious reasons Kochmittwoch is currently on hold. We sure hope to come back with it soon!

All images from old AIL space at Franz-Josefs-Kai3. All images: Eva Weber