Maria Antonia González: Art, Science, Technology

Talk in English from 2016

The Philosopher working in the fields of aesthetics and ontology speaks about interrelation of art, science and technology

How might a theoretical framework from a philosophical perspective be constructed that will allow us to investigate and conceptualize the current state of the interrelationships of art, science and technology?

Why would such a framework be significant to assess the range and limits of art and science trends, as well as contribute to developing a project for a philosophy of nature?

To answer these questions, the lecture will outline some of the arguments that constitute the core of a philosophy of nature, from which it is relevant to start and to pose questions as to the biotech arts, because a philosophy of nature for the twenty-first century has to think about nature not from a contemplative point of view (where, for example, Romanticism is a paradigm), nor from a preponderantly epistemological perspective (where, for example, philosophy of science is a paradigm of this kind of approach); what is necessary is a broader horizon that takes into account what ontologies have said about language in the past century as the principal path to pose the question about being.

María Antonia González Valerio is a philosopher working in the fields of aesthetics and ontology, with a focus on biotechnologies and the arts. She is full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, National Autonomous University of México (UNAM). Her most recent book Cabe los límites. Escritos sobre filosofía natural desde la ontología estética is the introduction to her philosophy of nature. In 2011 she founded the interdisciplinary research group Art+Science based