Follow-Up: May I introduce: Alien!

Bacteria, plants, humans and other animals – All aliens are welcome here!

Exhibition from 10–19 Sep 2021 at Fabrikraum Vienna

Image by ©

May I introduce: Alien! was created as a virtual exhibition in cooperation with the Angewandte Innovation Lab in 2020. The Fabrikraum Edition will invite visitors to experience different layers of the project in ‘real’ spaces across Vienna.

After a very virtual year our web-spaceship finally lands at Fabrikraum, where we let you know how to build barrier-free houses for pigs and raccoons, why Emil, the orangutan, is depressed or how to register foreign plants at the Integration Center. Get your dodo on the leash and swim along with the fish! You will find more-than-human tales, entangled across the borders of otherness.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition you will get a chance to meet our hoard of aliens across Vienna. They occupy the city and invite you to interact, watch out!


Solmaz Farhang

Alexandra Fruhstorfer

Ege Kökel

Lena Violetta Leitner

Andrea Palašti