Showcase: Sustainable and open exhibition system

Work in progress of N.Nest & Re.use. The sustainable and open exhibition and furniture system. A project by Chien-hua Huang, alumni of the architecture master program

Showcase presents selected projects, topics and fields of research from die Angewandte

The project is an open exhibition and furniture system that radically embraces and integrates waste materials, especially recycled plastic PETG which has beneficial structural and chemical durability.

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Through structural optimization algorithms (via Karamba) and machine learning-based topological optimization (via Ameba), the new furniture system not only can assemble waste materials for different kinds different display types of furniture but also allows participatory activities for future reuse. Instead of downcycling, the project intends to augment the potential of reuse and introduce intricate aesthetics in the intelligent system.

One System

The proposal aims to achieve multiple tasks through one sustainable modular-based system. The joint transit in between surface as program and line as a structural component.

The line becomes a structural component that extends the exhibition system and forms the space. While the surface is the functional area for board/pedestal/seats.

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Universal Joint

Via universal joints, the system can connect in multiple directions and open system to connect with different elements. Thus it results in various setup potentials.

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Sustainable Tectonic

The joint is composed of recycled plastic, reused metal pipe, and timber that is easily reconfigured, reused, recycled, and supported by local material /waste management.

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