Performance View: Station Rose 35.0

back < into >> the FUTURE ∞ delivering Digital Art since 1988. Lecture Performance in English, October 2023

Insights into Stations Rose’s digital work, music and art forms from 1988 until 2023

In this lecture performance artist Elisa Rose and composer Gary Danner, pioneers of digital culture and online since 1991, will jump between decades of their work, between over- and underground spaces and extended realities:

1988 immediately became 2018 as soon as they had transferred their early digital work to new systems and made it available. The NFT ‘Substation’, a digital work on floppy disk created on the Amiga in 1988 and first shown at their Viennese Station, was dropped on the NFT Platform Foundation in 2021, and went on to become part of a spatial installation for a solo gallery show in 2021/22. Other transformations include: GIF animations turning into installations, and CD ROMs evolving into the sensory experience and emotional intensity of immersiveness and audiovisual performances. Early works meet current works in AR, VR and in RL [Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Real Life]. New 3D objects can be found as NFTs in the blockchain, in nature, as 3D prints and as elements of their VR world ‘Gunafaland’. Some 3D NFTs might appear as AR versions at AIL. Being in close contact with the electronic music scene, the latest immersive audiovisual performances once again took place in the club scene. Over 100 audio compositions have been released.

STATION ROSE was founded by musician Gary Danner and artist Elisa Rose in Vienna in 1988, after they graduated from the University of Applied Arts (Oswald Oberhuber & Karl Lagerfeld) in 1987. They perform and exhibit worldwide and online in galleries, museums and clubs. The interweaving of real space with VR, AR and immersive spaces is the focus of their work. Their NFTs are available at foundation and objkt.

They won a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention in 1995 and the Lifetime Award of the City of Linz in 2012. They have been online since 1991. They lived in Cairo/Egypt, San Francisco and Frankfurt am Main. After 20 years abroad, they returned to live and work in Vienna.

[Keywords:] AR, VR, RL, NFT, From Digital To Analog & Back Again, Cyberspace Is Our Land, audio-visualart, Techno, music, Cyberpunk, NetArt, GIFs, Immersive Art, Digital Archive, STReaming, Virtual Sculpture, PIXELHOME,New Media Arte Povera, Digital Bohemians, Performance, Nature Is Cool, Gunafaland, Recycling Surplus To Save Nature, Digital Land Art

Station Rose

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