Performance View: Hyperscan with two players in zero action

Žarko Aleksić sync Margarete Jahrmann. An emanation of Neuromatic Game Art: Critical play with Neurointerfaces

Lunch Break Performance at Café Exchange from June 2022

Micro performances are a series of performances created on the trail of strategies of historical minimal art, but since then, the project has separated in an attempt to appropriate artifacts from scientific discourse and transform them into works of art.

Hyperscan of the brain | Image by ©

Mimicry is one of the four forms of play according to Caillois. It’s low-interaction is a new concept of the orientation in artistic play opposed to capitalist logic. In this micro performance Žarko and Margarete enter exactly this form of play – a dialogue without words, a play without rules, an action without action, a form of resistance.

Setting of the performance | Image by ©

A simultaneous EEG (electroencephalogram) hyperscan shows unavoidable activities that correspond to our constitution:

Micro movements of the body cannot be perceived with the naked eye, maybe they are captured by multiple cameras, surely they can be read as artifacts on the simultaneous brainwave measurement, traced as the beginning of a new form of communication…

Setting of the performance | Image by ©

Developed in the context of the artistic research project NEUROMATIC GAME ART. Critical Play with Neurointerfaces. AR 581.

Special Thanks to our research partner Stefan Glasauer, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Chair of Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Medical Technology, Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus – Senftenberg, Germany, for supporting the Hyperscan Experiment on stage.

All images: Paul Pibernig