Performance View: Phantom Voltage

with Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger, Christina Kubisch / Part of Wien Modern, November 2023

Multimedia composition for electromagnetic fields, various kinetic sound and light objects and cello (2023 WP) ~60´.

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Image by © Q&A with the artists Christina Kubisch, Florian Kindlinger and Peter Kutin and Bernhard Günther (Artistic Director)

Like an invisible architecture, the electromagnetic fields of electrical cables, radio signals, batteries, sensors, communication networks and other technical infrastructures penetrate and structure our everyday lives. Phantom Voltage gives this ephemeral spirit a sound body and visibility through installations, specially created instruments, and performative elements. Induction sensors translate electromagnetic fields into sound, light and noise, which enter into dialogue with one another. The cello acts as an analogue counterpoint to the electro-acoustic phantom sounds. In an experimental arrangement of corresponding objects, the performers create a sound landscape that is open to the audience.

‘I understood the silence of the ether. I never understood people‘s words.’

(Friedrich Hölderlin [1770–1843], Since I was a boy)

After Desert Bloom (2016, Karl Szcuka Prize as part of the Donaueschinger Musiktage) and Spectral City (including 2019 at the HeK Basel & at the ReiheM in Cologne), Florian Kindlinger, Christina Kubisch and Peter Kutin are now working together for the third time. For Phantom Voltage, the three artists have partly developed existing sound objects and installations, partly created new devices and woven them into an expansive composition that encompasses the audience.

A limited edition of sounding latex objects created especially for Phantom Voltage by the visual artist Liesl Raff (in co-operation with Peter Kutin) will also be on display.

Peter Kutin | Light feedback systems, kinetic objects, dramaturgy

Florian Kindlinger | Sound direction, live electronics, dramaturgy

Christina Kubisch | Electromagnetic induction objects, live performance

Mathias Lenz | Mechatronics, live performance

Liesl Raff | latex objects

Maiken Beer | Violoncello

Anna Resch | Production, dramaturgy

Sebastian Jobst | Production, dramaturgy

Production Konnektom | Co-production Wien Modern

With the kind support of the City of Vienna, BMKÖS and SKE of Austro Mechana

Cooperation Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

All photos: Markus Sepperer