Solidarität und Nachhaltigkeit im Postdemokratischen – Discussion

from the Vienna Biennale 2019 (in German)

An utopian future requires a critical present in which the urgency of ecological, economic, and political-social change is taken serious

Which political systems can be thought of as emancipatory models, are post-democratic theories foundations for political processes also in the digital development?

And we also tried to find answers to the following questions: Where can gender stereotyping currently be found in the digital realm and how can we prevent patriarchal inscriptions in increasing digitalization? Do posthumanist approaches offer possibilities for thinking about our future?

Discussion with
Barbara Prainsack, political scientist, head of the research group Contemporary Solidarity Studies, University of Vienna

Oliver Marchart, political scientist, professor of political theory, University of Vienna

Felix Stalder, Professor of Digital Culture and Theories of Networking, Zurich University of the Arts

Short presentation of the installation Change Was Our Only Chance in the presence of Time’s Up

Moderation: Elisabeth Falkensteiner