Sonic Specters. Between Nostalgia and Anticipation

New Series of Sound Performances, starting October 2023

Eerie atmospheres and flickering sound traces created by past audio sources and the coming times – for each event of the new series Sonic Specters. Between Nostalgia and Anticipation two musicians track down what has ceased to exist and what is yet to come.

Oscillating between melancholic nostalgia and euphoric anticipation, linear concepts of time and space will be called into question. Does the past haunt the present and the future?

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Cultural philosopher Mark Fisher elaborated on Jacques Derrida's concept of hauntology, and paid particular attention to the question of time. In his theory, phenomena and forces act from a distance while the absence of existence is immanent to being: it is a legacy, a trace of what has been and what will be. The past remains an effective virtuality while the possibility of the future is already present in the virtual sphere. In this sense, we reject a deterministic and automated future, rendering it speculative. Technologies are capable of creating multiple virtualities in time and space. Technologies consequently collapse temporal and spatial dimensions. The future becomes a powerful and haunting experience: a virtuality that pervades the present, shapes expectations and drives cultural production.

Sonic Specters is concerned neither with resurrecting real events from the past nor with celebrating reactionary and romantic notions of nostalgia. Rather, its focus lies on lost futures, those that never materialized and remain specters.

In searching for those specters, we tap into areas of unfulfilled potential and circumvent repetitive behavior patterns.

Program 2023:

4 Oct 2023, 19:00 with KMRU and Inou Ki Endo & Misonica (DJ-set)

8 Nov, 19:00 with Perila and Afrodeo

15 Dec, 19:00 with Katatonic Silentio and dieb13

The sound performance series Sonic Specters is the first part of the program centering on AIL’s new topic: Haunted – Persistence of the Past.

Graphic Image: Lion Sauterleute