Performance View: STATION ROSE 30.0 – The Walls of the New Systems Will be Liquid

Sound Performance, Exhibition and Book Presentation from 2018

Elisa Rose and Gary Danner and their 30 eventful digital years

Marking the publication of their new book STATION ROSE 30.0 The Walls of the New Systems Will be Liquid, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner will talk about 30 eventful digital years, from the first days of the new station in postmodern Vienna and the audiovisual techno scene in Germany to the early 90s, from digital art, net art and re-materializations to current exhibitions, productions & performances.

The book: For 30 years, artist Elisa Rose & musician Gary Danner's project STATION ROSE/STR has had a profound impact on the field of digital art. These three decades tell the story of a transformation process from a purely analog to a new indivisible digital-analog world. Back in 1988, STR already claimed: ‘The effects of this outcome can be seen everywhere’. And they were right: The world is forever changed in that it is permanently connected and monitored, more transparent, but also more controlled.