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Opening hours Café Exchange:

Mon–Fri 10:00–18:00

(closed on public holidays)

Lunch hours: 11:30–14:30

Please note: Café Exchange is closed 30 & 31 May

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A place to trade ideas, visions and utopias – accompanied by high quality coffee

A special symbiosis: Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab (AIL) and Café Exchange

AIL’s latest extension, Café Exchange, is a Third-wave espresso bar and so much more. With Café Exchange, AIL presents an extended program and a new spot, run and created by Alexander Afrough, to get your daily dose of exquisite coffee. Café Exchange also offers lunch and pastries, a stunning atmosphere to work in, a curated selection of books and magazines as well as different artistic positions – and, of course, AIL’s program takes place there too.

Café Exchange is not only the central meeting point within the enormous Otto Wagner building, through the connection to the AIL it also opens the intimate workings of the University of Applied Arts Vienna to the general public and creates a welcoming atmosphere for artistic projects, audiences, visitors, students, workers, colleagues – for all of you!

We think these times call for a space which encourages us to think outside the box – a space to mix up ideas, put our heads together and exchange thoughts, knowledge, visions and utopias!

What are today’s most valuable currencies? Pairing discourse and coffee culture under Otto Wagner’s roof

AIL and Café Exchange are located in the center of the former Postal Savings Bank (PSK) building: in the former cash hall (Kassenhalle) and its two adjoining rooms. The former PSK building is one of the most famous Art Nouveau buildings in Vienna. It was designed by Otto Wagner and built from 1904 till 1906 for Georg Coch, the founder of the Austrian Postal Savings Bank. The building was the headquarters of Bawag P.S.K until 2017 and is now being used by the University of Applied Arts and other Viennese academic institutions as a House for Art and Science.

The former cash hall impresses with its unique architecture: a glass roof, aluminium columns, a floor made of glass blocks, and sophisticated ventilation system. This space, which was designed for money transactions, is now being given a new lease of life as a public place of exchange.

Third-wave coffee –
Our vision, our products

Alexander Afrough is Head of Gastronomy and Chief Operator of Café Exchange. He considers himself part of the Third-wave coffee movement and is always happy to share his passion and deep knowledge of products and the craft of coffee making. Café Exchange specializes in artisan coffee, pastries and food – with a regularly changing menu that always manages to surprise. In addition to espresso prepared on a La Marzocco machine and filter coffee, there is matcha, homemade lemonades, Demeter juices and home-brewed Kombucha.

Café Exchange is dedicated to a vision of quality, know-how and independence, to create a unique place and experience for its customers. It is therefore part of Alex’s work to go on regular trips and visit different coffee roasters, milk suppliers, beer brewers, winemakers, vegetable growers and juice producers. Those trips show him how much knowledge and skill is behind these unique products, and that each product must be treated with respect. At Café Exchange, he works exclusively with independent producers, such as Prem Frischkaffee and Felix Kaffee, and pays special attention to the quality of the products. The goal is to extend the AIL universe by creating a unique spot where people can relax, meet and enjoy a variety of culinary delights.

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Come visit! Georg-Coch-Platz 2 is open and waiting for you

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