Airan Berg: pARTicipation or PARTYcipation – Is this still art? Where is the meaning?

Talk in German from 2015

Theater maker Airan Berg about his work in the field of urban/human development and the results of his work, which often connect artists and citizens

When Linz became the European Capital of Culture in 2009, theater maker Airan Berg started working on large-scale projects, which have since always relied on artistic input and public participation. These can be interventions in public space or long-term urban/human development processes, but they are always a product of the experiences and creativity of both the artists and members of the public. This way, Airan Berg usually ends up with new possibilities and surprising results.

During the workshop (20–21 Oct 2015), existing best practice projects were analyzed and new scenarios for site-specific projects were developed and, in some cases, realized together with the workshop partner Brunnenpassage. The workshop outcomes were presented at AIL on 22 Oct 2015.