Discussion: Sonic Sensibility

Sound as an Instrument of Research

Panel discussion (in German) with Ricarda Denzer, Peter Kutin, Pia Palme, Karl Salzmann. Angewandte Festival 2022

The panel discussion focuses on sound as a research instrument: How can situated hearing and acoustic thinking affect the things we do, and how can a feminist practice influence the composition process? What constitutes the materiality of sound, and how does a spatial analysis of sound change the human perception of time and space.

Ricarda Denzer studied architecture in Innsbruck and visual arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where she was member of the TransArts directorial team (2013-2018), currently involved in the Angewandte Performance Lab and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Art and Communication Practices.

Her cross-media works - audio-visual research spaces - combine video, text, photography, audio pieces, drawings, objects, installations, editorial and curatorial work. Most recently, she realised the Sounding Research Listening Session #1, University of Applied Arts, Vienna (2022), edited the eJournal #13 of the ZHDK Zürich (with Jo Schmeiser, 2016), curated the art project About the House and edited the books Perplexities (Revolver 2013) and Silence Turned Into Objects (edition NÖ, 2014). Her most recent solo exhibitions were at Kunstraum Lakeside (2019) and at Neue Galerie Innsbruck (2018). Currently Denzer is involved in the project Communities in Movement (KMD Bergen, August 2022); She is a member of the board of the Vienna Secession since 2019. Ricarda Denzer lives and works in Vienna.

Peter Kutin’s artistic output has been exhibited, commissioned, performed, screened or discussed at various notable occasions and venues across the globe. He has composed music and developed sonic-environments for film, theatre, performance, ensembles, contemporary dance, and multimedia-works.

His interest in moving image expands beyond music, having also written and directed a series of experimental short films and radioplays. He received several awards & scholarships: For the composition Desert Bloom, a cooperation with the german composer and pioneer of sound-art Christina Kubisch & Kutin's long time collaborator Florian Kindlinger, the trio received the prestigious Karl-Szucka award in 2016. In 2019 he was praised with the Prix Ars-Elctronica for the kinetic sound-sculpture Torso#1. Kutin’s music and art has been described as ’undeniably effective’ (The Wire Magazine), and ’not only good but important’ (A closer listen). He is a founding member of the label Ventil-Records, Velak (platform for experimental music) and the RealDeal Festival.

Pia Palme is a composer and artistic researcher from Vienna, Austria, with a focus on experimental music theatre. Known for her interdisciplinary formats, her practice often involves interactions with electronic music, writing texts, and visual art. The backbone of her work is the physicality of performance, a theme she regularly and personally revisits as a musician with her bass recorders. Since 2019 she directs the comprehensive artistic research project ‘On the Fragility of Sounds’ funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria, where she explores alternative forms of music theatre and composition as feminist practices. The project ends in mid-2021. In her music and research, she regularly collaborates with the theatre scholar Dr. Irene Lehmann, musicologist Christina Lessiak, ensembles such as Airborne Extended, Phace (Vienna), and Schallfeld (Graz), with singers Juliet Fraser, Anna Clare Hauf and Annette Schönmüller, as well as with harpsichord soloist Sonja Leipold, the specialist in historical oboe instruments Molly McDolan and the dancer Paola Bianchi.

Karl Salzmann is an artist, curator and researcher using sound within performance, concept and installation art. Within process-oriented and experimental setups, he develops and presents works that study the materiality of sound and its social, cultural and metaphorical levels of meaning. His artistic activities mainly concern the interaction between sound and visual arts and often relate to works and topics of (sound) art history.

He was teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten as well as HDPK - Hochschule der populären Künste Berlin, was the founder and artistic director of the Soundart Festival Klangkunsttage and Co-Founder of Zentrale – Raum für Klang- und Prozesskunst (2016-2019).

Solo exhibitions (among others) at ACFNY New York (2017), Kunsthaus Graz (2013) & Kunsthalle Bratislava (2014). Prizes: 2017 Erste Bank Art Prize, 2019 Austrian State Scholarship for Media Art. Currently he is a Phd candidate in the Doctor Artium Program of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Moderation by Elisabeth Falkensteiner