Exhibition View: Fabric of Dreams. Towards a Technodiversity

Curated by Elisabeth Falkensteiner and Clemens Apprich. 17 Mar 2023 – 12 May 2023

A cooperation with the department of Media Theory, concluding the series of talks and performances on ‘Decolonizing Technology’

Today, the prospects of digital technologies are both auspicious and frightening: With digital assistance and whole new virtual environments, as well as promising advances in AI and machine learning on the one hand, and surveillance capitalism, discriminating datasets and life-threatening cyberwars on the other. How did this conflicting situation come about? To answer this question, we have to acknowledge that technologies are temporally and spatially produced, affected by different epistemes, ideologies, political interests, economic forces and cultural practices.

Accordingly, technological development is always fragmented.

Image by © Christian Freude/Christina Jauernik/Johann Lurf/Fabian Puttinger/Rüdiger Suppin Velvet Eyes, 2023, Installation, Auto-stereoscopic medium format slide projection. Projectors, wood, steel, ­plexiglass, paper, velvet, velcro, and engine (Photo: Paul Pibernig)
Image by © Luiza Prado O. Martins, Rome Is No Longer In Rome, It Is Wherever I Am, Installation, 3D Print, 2023 (Photo: Lea Dörl)
Image by © Anna Vasof, The Second Life of Burned Trees, Video, 2023 (Photo: Anna Vasof)
Image by © Mary Maggic, FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER, Interactive Installation, Bioreactor, Fitness Bike, 2022 (Photo: Paul Pibernig)
Image by © Christina Gruber, Black Gold, Installation, Prints, 2020 (Photo: Lea Dörl)
Image by © kennedy+swan, Manifesto of Fragility (Morning Routine), Video, 2022 (Photo: Lea Dörl)
Image by © Cyrus Kabiru, C-Stunners Series, Photographies, 2012–22 (Photo: Lea Dörl)
Image by © Anna Vasof, Things and Wonders, Series of Video Works, 2018–2023 (Photo: Lea Dörl)
Image by © Christiane Peschek, OASIS, Mix Media Installation, 2022 (Photo: Paul Pibernig)
Image by © Kumbirai Makumbe, Living Doesn't Mean Your'e Alive, Video and Sculptures, 2021 (Photo: Paul Pibernig)
Image by © kennedy+swan, Delphi Demons, Stereoscopic film, 2022 (Photo: kennedy+swan, video still)