Operator: On Generative Choreography

Talk in English from April 2023

Hosted by the Coding Lab of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti are an award-winning experiential artist duo who founded their collaborative art practice, known as Operator, in 2016. Referred to as ‘the two critical contemporary voices on digital art’s international stages’ (Clot Magazine) and ‘LGBT power couple’ (Flaunt), their expertises collide in large scale conceptual works recognizable for their poetic approach to technology. Ti’s background as an immersive artist and Human Computer Interaction technologist, and Catherine’s as a choreographer, performance artist and gender scholar make for a uniquely medium non-allegiant output, bringing together environments, technology and the body. In fall 2021 the duo began a translation of themes from their Lumen Prize-winning work ‘I’d rather be in a dark silence’ into the Privacy Collection, exploring the tension between privacy and transparency in blockchain technology.