Petra Maitz: Visualisation of Evolution

Talk in German from 2016

A model of praxis & theory

Art and biology both attempt to explain the world. The artistic approach has always been more holistic and more form-oriented than the classical reductionist approach of the natural sciences. The work of Petra Maitz is an example of how artistic observation is able to anticipate conceptual change in science and visualize it by new means.

This presentation is aimed at anyone interested in the transformation processes of our world and the new construction of social life forms through artistic media extensions. Micro processes in the molecular cosmos of life take place without anyone noticing, and we call this the chemical alteration of our world. These findings will be inspired and illustrated by several examples from chemistry (Louis Pasteur) and the new philosophy of trans-discipline.

Since 2002, Petra Maitz has collected model systems of nature. Based on extensive studies of these models, she has come up with a universal codex for evolutionary or general cultural developments. Her first attempt to explain the complexity of today’s world starts with microbiology, cell reproduction and the possibilities of new combinations. The proto-molecule RNA (Ribonucleic acid) plays an important part in this intricate thought process. She uses drawings and project sketches. The development and concept of her large-scale installations, which are based on a scientific methodology, will be illustrated by visual material of a comparative and medical-technical nature.