Sounds of the Living – Part I

The series of sound interventions at the Otto Wagner Kassenhalle explores the concept of living matter and questions the notion of nature

Natalia Domínguez Rangel played on 2 Oct 2021 at the finssage of the exhibition Ecologies & Politics of the Living

‘To even notice third nature, we must evade assumptions that the future is that singular direction ahead’ (Anna Tsing)

Third nature is everything that exists alongside and in the face of the destruction caused by the capitalist exploitation and what creates new synergies and coexistences. It is a moment of awareness of the living activities of all beings and emerges within a temporal polyphony. We translate the concept of third nature by Anna Tsing on an auditory level.

Our understanding of nature has changed over time, as has the soundscape on planet Earth. Natural sounds of non-biological elements such as wind, water or earth movements were thus continuously augmented by the sounds of living organisms like humans and further their technology. With these sound performances we want to take a closer look at our surroundings and soundscapes of today.

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Natalia Domínguez Rangel (NL/CO)is composer/sound artist living and working between Vienna and Amsterdam. Her work has been connected with architecture, acoustics, technology and nature. She is interested how sound affects and resonates with a body physiologically and psychologically, and how critical listening deepens, extends and set connections to other acoustic ecologies not only to the anthrophony.