Posthuman Social Club at AIL

Performance and film screening from April 2024

An event presented by andother stage

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This 3rd edition of the posthuman social club is devoted to the philosopher Isabelle Stengers. We will be hosting the Austrian premiere of her biopic Isabelle Stengers – Building Hope on the Edge of the Abyss, by Fabrizzio Terranova and curating a program of performance, music and somatic lecture devoted to her extensive body of work.

Isabelle Stengers is not only known as one of the leading thinkers for ‘post-humanist’ discourses and practices, but also for her ecologically oriented philosophy in general. Her decades of work on sciences, politics and ecology has influenced many prominent scholars such as Donna Haraway and Bruno Latour.

With the event series posthuman social club we want to think outside of the box of what has been labeled ‘the human realm of reason’ and develop new regimes of perception, sensuality and physicality, that can with care and consideration, lead us on the path from our humanist-exclusivist tradition to more inclusive approaches of sharing our many worlds with other forms of existence. In the permeation of choreography and composition, with club culture, philosophy, ecology and media art, we want to explore what a post-human social – or even a post-human society – could actually mean. We cannot overcome the euro- and anthropocentric, often misogynistic and racist tendencies of the ‘Enlightenment’ tradition overnight. The 'posthuman social clubs’ are a sensual approach, cultivation, celebration, differentiation and problematization of these [post-human] desires.

Isabella Forciniti – analogue synthesizers, electronics, performance

Kilian Jörg – performance, lecture

Mirjam Klebel performance

Otto Krause – costume-contribution

Alfredo Ovalles – keyboards, electronics

David Panzl – percussion

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong – turntables, electronics

Samuel Toro Pérez – e-guitar, electronics

Brigitte Wilfing – voice, turntables, performance

andother stage – transdisciplinary assemble for choreographic composition and artistic research – is not the longing for another stage, but for slipping and wriggling between spaces and discourses, be it at the kitchen table or on a large stage. Assemble refers to music because of its proximity to the ensemble, but we also want to affirm an assemblage of people, disciplines, media, instruments, objects and discourses alongside other forms of playing together. Founded in 2019 by Brigitte Wilfing (choreographer) and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (composer).

A production by andother stage in cooperation with Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab (AIL) Supported by the City of Vienna Culture (MA7).

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