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The environment must no longer be adapted to the car, but the car to the environment

5-day-workshop (4–8 Mar 2024), led by the Futurama.Lab

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Workshop is led by: Futurama.Lab

Kilian Jörg, Rainer Prohaska, Dietmar Tollerian (Radbande)

Image by © HD FLSTN – Nonsense Technologies – © Julia Gaisbacher (Bildrecht 2017)

Workshop Times:

4–8 Mar 2024, Mon, Tue: 14:00–19:00 / Wed, Thu: 13:00–17:00 / Fri: 12:00–16:00

(This workshop is for free and open to all – without needing prior knowledge or any university affiliation)

How can mobility become a source of inspiration in a devastated global society that mostly feels it has to or is obligated to move (to work, to the supermarket, etc.) and tends to forget the joys of doing so voluntarily and as a larger-than human practice?

Mobility is one of the major challenges of global ecological transformation and yet our ideas for innovation seem to be very limited and one-sided – especially when it comes to automobility. In this transdisciplinary workshop and symposium, we will work towards overcoming this dead zone of imagination by prefiguring better worlds, beyond an autocentered paradigm, for the many flourishing worlds of the future.

Image by © SAN LUN CHE Sketch 07 – © Rainer Prohaska – (Bildrecht 2009)

The environment must no longer be adapted to the car, but the car to the environment is the leading motto of this 5-day-workshop led by the Futurama.Lab.

It will focus on introducing plurality and fun to the gray monotony of mundane traffic jams. Participants will be able to build dada-esque, modular forms of radically ecological cars using recycled materials, found objects and bike waste.

Image by © SAN LUN CHE Prototype – Enter Beijing – © Rainer Prohaska (Bildrecht – 2008)

The accompanying symposium (6–8 Mar) seeks to go beyond mere critique by combining theory and practice in a novel way.

Evening lectures, panels and screenings will investigate radical utopias of carfree worlds, the need to devise new safe spaces beyond the car, the car as a crucial nexus in the consumer-capitalist system and how the arts can take part in this transformation. International experts and visionaries whose perspectives are almost unknown in the German-speaking sphere will be introduced to stimulate a dynamic discourse for the radical transformation we need.

Exhaust(ed) Entanglements (EE) is a trans-disciplinary and international series of symposiums and labs devoted to the question of mobility and its future challenges in regards to the climate crisis. The Cars We Like is the second edition of the series.

The Cars We Like is supported by:
MA7 . Stadt Wien . Kultur
Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab (AIL)