Sounds of the Living Part III

Live-sets by Angélica Castelló & Christian Schröder. Online Stream from 2022

PRELUDE The Matter is Melting. Dismantling Smart Rainbow 7.0 from Anna Watzinger and Laurus Edelbacher ending the exhibition ::KAIROS. Recall of Earth

SONIC BLUE – Angélica Castelló

Sonic Blue is based on field recordings and sounds from the Lofoten archipelago, an island chain along Norway’s northern coastline starting in February 2013. Angélica Castelló met biologist and bioacoustics researcher Heike Vester, who founded the organization Ocean Sounds, which is dedicated to the research of marine mammals and the protection of the marine environment. The vibrations, caused by underwater detonations of the expanding oil industry, that are reflected back provide information to map the location, density, shape and composition of the rock layers, but they are also a massive intervention in the natural sound world of aquatic life.

With Sonic Blue, the musician creates her own imaginary underwater world that immerses the audience into the great sea of sound produced by her subgreatbass recorder, Castelló’s main instrument. The composition process of this piece is an examination of the profound in yet another respect, for to Angélica Castelló the sea also symbolizes the subconscious.

In 2014, Sonic Blue won the Outstanding Artist Award – Interdisciplinarity from the Austrian Federal Ministry for the Arts and Culture

Angélica Castelló is a composer and Sound Artist. Her sound work and compositions concentrates on fragility, dreamworld and the subconscious. Performs continuously solo or in cooperations everywhere between Mexico City and Vienna. Numerous compositions for ensembles, radio works as well as installations that operate at the interface of music, performance and visual arts. Several releases on labels like Interstellar records, Mikroton recordings, Monotype records, Mosz, chamafu nocords, Orlando Records, einklang_records, Mandorla Label, Thalamos, upside down records.

Carsmemory – Christian Schröder

Christian Schröder brings together field recordings of isolated cars at night and digital noise bursts simulating rain. The digitally generated drop sound depicts nature in its hyper-realistic and spatial dimension. The stereo field recordings of the lonely vehicles are collaged into unreal intersections in the 4-channel setup at the Kassenhalle.

Christian Schröder makes sound and composition tangible and expands them in different media. Since studying sound and media art, composition, electronic music and conceptual art, he has been interested in interdisciplinarity. He works as a sound artist in the visual arts and as a composer and musician in the performing arts. In addition to solo performances, in which algorithmic compositions and improvisations are often used, he often collaborates with artists from different disciplines.

(PRELUDE) The Matter is Melting.

Melting down Smart Rainbow 7.0 from Anna Watzinger and Laurus Edelbacher / Ending the exhibition ::KAIROS. Recall of Earth

In the multimedia installation Smart Rainbow 7.0, the error display of older Apple computer systems (rotating ‘rainbow cursor’) is related to the meteorological phenomenon of the rainbow and the theme of climate change and down-loaded into real space (freezer box) as a 7-part ice sculpture. The closed freezer box of Smart Rainbow 7.0 functions as a smart white box, whose arranged inner life of water, light and technical equipment is up-loaded into a digital display by means of a ‘weather camera’/webcam and can be seen as a livestream on a white Macbook positioned on the freezer box. The arrangement of the rainbow or spectral colors (prism) – a symbol of socio-political system criticism and the rotating ‘rainbow cursor’ as sign for Apple’s system error display – is sculpturally hacked in the artistic logic of Smart Rainbow 7.0. Thus, one of the most meteorologically poetic phenomena functions as a symbol and literal indicator of online and offline errors in the system. More about the project.

The series of sound interventions at the Otto Wagner Kassenhalle explores the concept of living matter and questions the notion of nature. Curated by Elisabeth Falkensteiner.